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What’s The Best Bar For Building The Biceps

When it comes to building the biceps a lot of people are confused as to which bar they should use for their curls…

The EZ Curl Bar is popular because it tends to feel more natural and more comfortable on the wrists and elbows. So a lot of people will opt for that when doing curls.

However, if you are a bodybuilder than your main goal is NOT to be “comfortable”…

It’s to build the Biggest Baddest Biceps that you can!

And that’s why I recommend using the straight bar for your bicep curls. Granted it’s a little more awkward, but it will stimulate the biceps to a greater degree.

To show you what I mean, just bend your arm at a 90 degree angle right now while you are reading this blog post. Now without tensing your arm, just rotate your wrist back and forth, so that the palm of your hand is facing sideways and then facing up towards the ceiling… Just do that a few times back and forth.

What happened to your biceps? Chances are you could notice your arms “peaking” as you twisted your palm up towards the ceiling. Just the simple action of rotating your wrist all the way, also known as supinating your wrist, causes your biceps to flex.

So to get the most bang for your buck when doing bicep curls stick to the straight bar, rather than the EZ curl bar. Yes, it may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, and you may have to lighten the load a little initially, but the size you gain on your arms will be well worth the effort in the long run!

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